Thousand for Thirty is Done (Ten Months Later)!

Ten months later, Thou­sand for Thirty is fin­ished, just as we all knew it would be. The doubters have been cast into the ocean and a bru­tal peace has been forced upon the realm.

I, as one of the doubters, am writ­ing this from the sea floor. It is cold and wet and the fish will not leave me alone.

The first of the final two pieces is I met him in the car park, which I star­ted months ago and finally fin­ished today. Des­pite what the title makes even me think, it’s not a story about cottaging.

The final one, num­ber thirty, the big three-oh, is The Mar­ket­ing Cam­paign. I don’t care if you don’t like it because it’s about quant­ity not qual­ity and as far as I am con­cerned the two are mutu­ally exclus­ive so leave me alone.

Any­way, it was all point­less because the thing that still gets most praise is The Moun­tain­eer­ing Journal of a Dick, which was one of the first things I wrote on here.

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