An Iain Banks Short Story

The prompt for this one was to choose an author, take one aspect of their work and steal it. If you haven’t read The Wasp Fact­ory but feel like you’re going to, maybe don’t read Tales for the Nurs­ery or the rest of this post.

Actu­ally, that’s good advice for any­one who prefers their stor­ies well-written or enjoyable.

ANYWAY, I chose Iain Banks and went with the ‘Dark Fam­ily Secret’ ele­ment that hap­pens in almost all his non-sci-fi nov­els. Even more spe­cific­ally, I dir­ectly ripped the penis thing from The Wasp Fact­ory but left some dif­fer­ences in there.

The second part of the prompt was that after steal­ing that one thing, you can’t use any other aspect of their writ­ing (within reason. I think I was allowed to sub­mit the story in Eng­lish.) That meant no grey Scot­tish land­scapes and no post-industrial towns in fur­ther decline. No alco­holic char­ac­ters or even char­ac­ters that struggle to cope without a few drinks. Very lim­it­ing because I can’t think of a single thing I’ve writ­ten where those haven’t fea­tured heavily.

That’s why there’s a dark fam­ily secret set in the heart of col­our­ful Toytown, where every­body leaves happy, ful­filling lives and the worst indul­gence they’ll par­take in is an extra slice of pie at dessert. What a swell place.



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