Love/Hate with Poetry

I wrote a post on how I worry about writ­ing poetry but I canned it. Let the work speak, or at least death rattle, for itself: Lies our body tells us.

The gist of the post was that I worry about put­ting too much of myself in my writ­ing or giv­ing too much away about my thoughts and feel­ings. I’m much more com­fort­able with light-hearted tales of frivolity.

That’s all.

No wait it totally isn’t! I’ve been going through the site adding header images cus­tom­ised for indi­vidual pages. The image at the top here should now be a charm­ing, hand-drawn title. So far, everything under the ‘Humour’ drop­down has its own header image. More to come!

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The Driver and Good News!

Well, news at least. Pos­sibly not even that. All I can really be sure of is that The Driver is now avail­able in the poetry sec­tion, and even that may change. All things are in a con­stant state of flux, you see.

The news that may not be news (we’re into quantum-reporting here) is that Fin­ger­words now has a twit­ter account. You can fol­low @Fingerwords on Twit­ter right now to keep up to date with all the latest Schroedinger’s News. I should men­tion this is thanks to a kind Amer­ican woman giv­ing up the name.

If that doesn’t sound appeal­ing then there’s also the Fin­ger­words Face­book Page which you can ‘Like’. That will res­ult in updates from that page appear­ing in your news feed. The same thing hap­pens if you click the ‘Like’ but­ton on the right of this page.

You can also sub­scribe to email updates on the right (though cer­tain overzeal­ous spam fil­ters are delet­ing them) or use the Fin­ger­words RSS feed.

The num­ber of ways of keep­ing up to date with this blog now rivals the amount of con­tent on it.

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