Extracts from my Vampire Novel

With the spike in pop­ular­ity that vam­pires have got­ten over the last few years (mov­ing from their core mar­ket of gothy teen­age girls to all teen­age girls) I have decided to cash in on their suc­cess. I’ve used my con­sid­er­able writ­ing tal­ent to put together a book that I believe will be the vam­pire book to end vam­pire books. It will be the break­ing dawn of vam­pire books, which will kill other vam­pire books unless they’re wear­ing sun­screen or are fake vam­pires with dia­mond skin. Those vam­pire books are safe. For now.

Below I have presen­ted extracts from my book in an attempt to drum up interest and acquire a publisher.

From Chapter One: A Game of Dice

He was a tall, dark, hand­some stranger. I was instantly enthralled with him. It was almost super­nat­ural… almost…

So, your place or mine?” I asked him.

Vhy, mine of course. Ahahaha!” he replied, his voice drip­ping with suave soph­ist­ic­a­tion. Dark red suave sophistication.

It’s a big place you’ve got here,” I said as we stepped up the steps to his front door, though it was more like a huge, rusty, iron port­cullis than a door.

Inside, he offered me a glass of dark red wine. At least, I think it was wine…

From Chapter Eight: The Rising Sun

He hissed and dove away from the window.

The sun! It burns me!”

I laughed and jostled him jovi­ally. He was always pulling gags like that. His kooki­ness was part of the reason I was so enthralled by him.

From Chapter Thirty-Two: We Just Had Sex

We’d just had pas­sion­ate, incred­ible sex. He’d been bet­ter than any man I had ever known, and nobody else could ever hope to live up to his per­form­ance or the ways in which he demon­strates his love, except per­haps a fic­tional char­ac­ter who was so two-dimensional he didn’t have any flaws or real personality.

From Chapter Fifty-Nine: Stronger Than Metaphors

“Vhy don’t you under­stand?!” he screamed, “G*d! Von minute you’re like a spe­cial blend of cocaine, mak­ing me feel good and get really chatty, and the next you’re like some pop­pers, which I’ll aller­gic to and get a migraine from!”

I laughed and jostled him jovi­ally. He was always pulling gags like that. His kooki­ness was part of the reason I was so enthralled by him.

He pouted and flew into the forest, which I found odd at the time but wrote off as one of the aller­gies he mentioned.

From Chapter Two-hundred and Ninety-Six: Troub­ling Commitments

I woke up in the middle of the night and could tell some­thing had changed. He said he’d wanted to be with me forever, that he’d make sure we would never be sep­ar­ated, and then he’d disappeared.

I could feel that some­thing was dif­fer­ent inside me, as if I was no longer the girl I used to be.

Then I real­ised he must have got me preg­nant, and now he was going to force me to marry him so our child wouldn’t be born in sin.

Well, it had worked. I made up my mind to call him the next morn­ing after I’d got a preg­nancy test to make sure.

If you’d be inter­ested in pub­lish­ing my book or pre-ordering a copy then please get in touch. I’ll also field offers from film stu­dios about a big screen adapt­a­tion. If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read but aren’t in the industry, then keep an eye out for my next book, “Inva­sion of the Killer Squid”.

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