Ideas for New Poirot Television Serieses

With David Suchet not hav­ing many more epis­odes to get through before the entire series of Agatha Christie’s Poirot stor­ies are doc­u­mented in feature-length ITV epis­odes, I’ve been put­ting together a few ideas for where they could go next.

The Adven­tures of Young Poirot

Back in his nat­ive Bel­gium, Poirot begins his crime-solving career by team­ing up with his friend Jamie, a genius with tech­no­logy. After hand­ing a local smug­gling ring to the police, Poirot and Jamie attract the atten­tion of the mys­ter­i­ous shadow organ­isa­tion FLOUT. Armed with Poirot’s genius, Jamie’s gad­gets and the lov­able mech­an­ical dog THE BUTCHER, the three take on FLOUT, hop­ing to avenge the bru­tal killing of Jamie’s parents.


The year is 3000AD. Civil­isa­tion has crumbled apart, with only a few bas­tions of soci­ety gleam­ing like bright lights in the new dark ages. Across entire coun­tries, entire con­tin­ents, out­casts and rebels hold high-society din­ners in which the guests are fre­quently murdered. No police force exists to deter them… until now.

Gen­eric sci­ent­ists recover the brain of a legendary 20th Cen­tury crime fighter. Huge amounts of resources are ded­ic­ated to the pro­ject. In the end, they tri­umph, and Poirot’s brain is implanted in the body of a three-tonne killing machine.


A mod­ern adapt­a­tion of the Poirot concept. Poirot is a crime solv­ing genius based in Brus­sels in 2010. To appeal to mod­ern audi­ences, Poirot has been made attract­ive, dropped the phoney accent, lost some weight and is gay.

Poirot: The Movie

Johnny Depp stars as the tit­u­lar Poirot in this non-stop action romp. Joined by Inspector Japp (Mar­tin Free­man) and love-interest Miss Marple (Emma Wat­son), Poirot must travel the world bat­tling the evil genius Jen­nifer Swan. The money­shot will be a sex scene on the Ori­ent Express, inter­rup­ted when Poirot smells the tell-tale whiff of sul­phur, char­coal and potassium nitrate (“Sul­phur… Char­coal… Potassium nitrate? That would be… The win­dow, Miss Marple! The win­dow!”) and the train explodes as the two dive out and off the edge of a bridge. Inspector Japp is killed in the blast.

The New Adven­tures of Poirot

It emerges that Poirot never demised, but was instead frozen in ice for dec­ades. He is woken again in the 1980s when his incred­ible deduct­ive abil­it­ies are required once again. Poirot befriends a young black kid from the ghet­toes of New York who teaches him about tech­no­logy, mod­ern day lingo and how soci­ety has developed in the time Poirot has been gone. Audi­ences will find the mild racism, dressed up as Poirot being ignor­ant of mod­ern day norms, hil­ari­ous, whilst Agatha Christie spins rap­idly in her grave.

The Nude Adven­tures of Poirot

Please email me for details on this concept.

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