A Beautiful Collection of Summer Songs

I wrote these Sum­mer Songs (not really songs) sat on a hot bus, and I feel they per­fectly cap­ture the feel­ing of Bri­tain in the sum­mer of 2012, which las­ted from May 24th to May 26th.

In a year when the Dia­mond Jubilee and the Olympics are tak­ing place, the spirit of cel­eb­ra­tion and togeth­er­ness per­meates every dis­tinct layer of our society.

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Not given up. Just not posted.

I haven’t stopped doing Thou­sand for Thirty, I’ve just not pos­ted the res­ults for the last few days. Now, in one big dump, I’m depos­it­ing them all on the site, ready to be cashed in.

First off is a two-parter: The Coolest Teacher & He Teaches the Sci­ence of Cool. The events and char­ac­ters por­trayed within are entirely fic­tional. I did once have a teacher who shared part of his name, but as far as I know he shared noth­ing else in com­mon with the character.

Then yes­ter­day I wrote It Turns Out It’s Man, appar­ently. Which intro­duces us to Moz­ack, an endear­ing char­ac­ter who just wants to improve the world around him and thinks he has dis­covered the secret to doing that.

Finally, today, I wrote I really don’t like the smell of mint over and over again until it made up a thou­sand words. Hah! Not really, it’s about some guys in a sewer being chased by some other guys. And there’s a mon­ster that smells of pep­per­mint, which I prob­ably did dream up entirely from my dis­like of minty-fresh breath. It ain’t nat­ural, I tell you!

In other news, I’ve still not made up for the day I missed, nor have I gone through and format­ted the pages prop­erly, nor have I sor­ted out the menu, but all of that sur­prises exactly no-one.

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This is how I remember school

And they say state edu­ca­tion doesn’t work! Everything I know in life I learnt from The Sci­ence Les­son.

Any­body keep­ing track (so, me) will have noticed there wasn’t a thou­sand words pos­ted to the site yes­ter­day. I was ill and that’s all the excuse I need. I’m going to make up for it at some point by writ­ing two lots of a thou­sand words (not two-thousand words though, there’s an import­ant dif­fer­ence) in one day and upload­ing one as day fourteen.

It’s not how I wanted things to go but at least I was only ill for a day and not longer.

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