Out In Space

Jupiter? Sure. Op in.
Busi­ness or pleas­ure? Busi­ness, right.
Work­ing in one of those gas plants up there?
Research? Like sci­ence and stuff?
Oh right, yeah. Intel­li­gent life?
I dunno, mate,
don’t really go in fer all that.
Bit of a waste of time if you ask me
Jupiter though, just luver­lee
spe­cially this time of year
I envy you, I do
Had a girl in here last week
head­ing back to Earth
got ditched by–
Like I said, mate, don’t go in fer that
Look, I’ll put the radio on.

Yeah, I’ll give you a lift.
Where you headed? Sat­urn?
I’m off to the edge,
I’ll drop you there.
What are you going for?
Research? Like at a school?
Let me tell you about school, mate
waste. of. time.
Didn’t give me any­thing.
Intel­li­gent life? There’s my mate Steve
he got five GCSEs,
but like I said, waste.
Yeah, that’s mine. Just hop in the other side.

Intel­li­gent life?
Look, I think it’s a great paper
but I can’t accept this.
It’s good, yeah, and very inter­est­ing.
It’s the right length, yes.
You have used great sources, yes.
Because it’s just not a suit­able dis­ser­ta­tion topic for a degree in sculpture.

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