Thousand for Thirty

I ori­gin­ally star­ted Thou­sand for Thirty to get me geared up for 2011’s NaNoWriMo. I began writ­ing on Octo­ber 3rd and had planned, admit­tedly badly, to have one day of over­lap in November.

What happened instead is that I didn’t man­age to fin­ish it com­pletely (I was 500 words off on the final day and then got taken ill, and yes, I am try­ing to make excuses). Then, because I felt I had accom­plished some­thing (29,500 words isn’t bad) and felt a little burnt out, I didn’t write any­thing for NaNoWriMo.

So, that was a glor­i­ous success!

How­ever, in Feb­ru­ary 2012, whilst drink­ing some cof­fee, I finally con­vinced myself to sit down and make an effort to sort things out. I pro­cras­tin­ated for a few hours by teach­ing myself some incred­ibly basic CSS edit­ing skills to make the stor­ies appear in a fash­ion I was happy with, then began going through and fix­ing typos, clunky sen­tences and everything else that creeps into a piece when you’re writ­ing it just before bed because you decided to set a stu­pid chal­lenge for yourself.

In Septem­ber 2012 I finally wrote the last story.

I’ve been told they get bet­ter as they go on, but who knows if that’s true. Enjoy!

Day 01: ‘Hot Liquid Stim­u­lant’ or ‘The Sci­ffy Dictionary’

Day 02: Over­ground, Underground

Day 03: The Homecoming

Day 04: The Retiree

Day 05: Dig­ging It Up

Day 06: A Pub­lic Address

Day 07: Alex and The Ferret

Day 08: He Paid for the Drinks with Coppers

Day 09: Bear With Me. Let’s See Where This Goes

Day 10: Gro­cery Magicians

Day 11: What’s Veron­ica After Anyway?

Day 12: he fuckin dumped me :(

Day 13: Duck and Cover (and Goose)

Day 14: Serfs in the City

Day 15: The Sci­ence Lesson

Day 16: Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Day 17: The Day the Music Died

Day 18: Cause and Effect

Day 19: The Coolest Teacher

Day 20: He Teaches the Sci­ence of Cool

Day 21: It Turns Out It’s Man

Day 22: I really don’t like the smell of mint

Day 23: Cinderella

Day 24: The Ball

Day 25: Dog Shit

Day 26: The Great Depression

Day 27: The Worst Engine

Day 28: Nobody Likes a Spider

Day 29: I met him in the car park

Day 30: The Mar­ket­ing Campaign

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