Day 07: Alex and the Ferret

Alex was woken up by a rat­tling sound. He got up and put on his dress­ing gown, headed through to the sit­ting room and opened the ferret’s carry case.

Woo­hoo!” thought Milly, bound­ing out and run­ning to the water bowl, sniff­ing it, ignor­ing it and then hunt­ing around for the food bowl. Alex had left already, head­ing to the fridge to retrieve said food bowl, along with a tasty treat for Milly, who had been such a good fer­ret all night.

The dead chick got put in a sep­ar­ate food tray to the dry cat food, though Alex wasn’t sure why. Milly didn’t seem to care, tak­ing the chick and dump­ing it at the back of her carry case, which annoyed Alex a lot as he was just about to clean it out. He wasn’t sure how the fer­ret would react if he star­ted tak­ing food out of her cage. She’d bit­ten his leg the night before in what was sup­posedly “play.”

How­ever, Milly was off doing some­thing some­where. Prob­ably poo­ing. Alex wasn’t going to risk shov­ing his hand in the case in the same room though, and car­ried it through to the kit­chen. Milly fol­lowed, which Alex hadn’t coun­ted on. That cre­ated dif­fi­culties, but Milly, hav­ing not been in the kit­chen before, was too busy run­ning around and sniff­ing things, so Alex was able to clear the case in peace.

Case cleaned, blanket in the wash, Alex brought it back through and went about his nor­mal day. Milly was busy with the chick and cat food. Mostly the chick, which got torn in half and had its innards eaten. A foot was saved for later.

Once the blanket was washed, it dried fairly quickly and was back in the case in no time at all. Alex then sat down and social­ised with her. Milly came up, scrambled onto his legs and let her­self by stroked. She crawled a bit higher, nuzzled Alex’s arm and then bit his hand, pier­cing the skin and draw­ing a little blood.

No,” said Alex. He stood up and left the room for a few minutes, as he had been told to to dis­cour­age biting.

When he came back, he tried it again, and Milly was per­fectly soci­able until she bit him once more. He left again, then came back and switched on his laptop instead. Milly con­ten­ted her­self with run­ning around the room, sniff­ing things.

Much later, Milly had exhausted the flat for things to sniff and so was after atten­tion again. She came and tried to scrabble up onto Alex’s chair but couldn’t make it, so Alex sat on the floor instead. Milly scrabbled onto his legs without nip­ping them, nuzzled his arm without nip­ping it, then clamped her jaws down hard on his hand. Then she didn’t let go. Alex screamed and shook it, skid­ding Milly across the floor. “Whoo!” her expres­sion said, “let’s go go go!” She jumped onto her legs and hopped back towards him. Alex jumped to his feet, onto the sofa and across it, Milly run­ning along the ground next to him. He leapt from the sofa through the door and slammed it behind him, cut­ting off the ferret’s advance. That’s when the cry­ing began.

Mean­while, Milly was hav­ing fun in the front room again.

Alex opened the door, but Milly looked up and he slammed it shut again, ter­ri­fied. He wandered from room to room, won­der­ing what to do. If she went back into her case, he could close the door and he’d be safe. But how could he could get her in without her bit­ing him again?

He settled for sulk­ing about and sob­bing, wait­ing until she went in on her own. Peri­od­ic­ally, he’d check in. Finally, she did wander in to fin­ish off the chick. Alex ran in and shut the door. Suc­cess! Milly looked upset, which was more than a little heart-wrenching.

The rest of the day passed nor­mally, though every so often Milly clawed at the door, which just upset Alex more, though he couldn’t let her out for fear of being savaged.

It even­tu­ally got to the point that he couldn’t take it any more and let her out, but she made a beeline for him. Alex real­ised his mis­take and screamed again, run­ning to the other side of the room. Milly pur­sued, “YEEEEAAH!” she thought, “PLAYIN’ A GAAAAME!” and bounced across the room, ter­ri­fy­ing Alex fur­ther. He star­ted yelling “No no no no no!” repeatedly and dived onto the sofa again, but Milly had clearly figured out the sofa and man­aged to jump up, grabbing onto a cush­ion with her teeth and pulling her­self up. Alex’s next leap made the cush­ion spring up, drop­ping her back onto the floor. Unper­turbed, she scampered along beside him.

Show­ing her abil­ity to learn, Milly made sure she was faster this time and already had her head in the door before it was shut. Alex was scream­ing again. He went into the kit­chen and got the door shut in time. Milly sat out­side, scratching.

After she’d left, he cau­tiously peaked out. She wasn’t in sight and must have gone back into the liv­ing room. He crept over and looked through the door. Her head swung up and she dar­ted towards him, caus­ing another scream as Alex slammed the door and decided to simply sur­render that part of the flat to Milly.

An hour or so later, Alex was ready to start doing the wash­ing up, but there were dirty dishes in the liv­ing room. This led to a com­plex game of cat and mouse, where Alex grabbed one plate at a time, hop­ing that Milly would stay dis­trac­ted long enough each time. There was one close shave where she star­ted fol­low­ing him when he had his hands full with glasses. He didn’t shut the door in time and Milly joined him in the kit­chen. Dan­cing ensued as he kept his feet out of her reach.

Even­tu­ally, Alex and Milly worked out a happy medium. She got free reign of the flat whilst Alex stood on a chair, occa­sion­ally shoo­ing her away, and did the wash­ing up. Alex stood on his chair for the rest of the after­noon and waited for Leitza to get home.

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