Day 06: A Public Address

We’re all aware, bar­ring a small minor­ity of the ignor­ant or delu­sional, that this coun­try suf­fers from an immig­rant prob­lem. Once a proud and admired land, we now find that the very attrib­utes which made us a shin­ing beacon in the world now act to turn us into an appar­ent para­dise for those who wish to escape the cur­rent situ­ation of whichever hell­hole they come from. To be frank, they are unwill­ing to put in the effort that, his­tor­ic­ally, our proud nation has. Rather than drag their own coun­try into an enlightened state, they take the fast track and board the first train, plane or boat to our shores.

These people, and there is no other way to put it, are para­sites. Those that don’t work live off us. Those that do work may give back to soci­ety in taxes, but did their par­ents suf­fer to build the state we are now priv­ileged to belong to?

By recog­nising these people as para­sites, we can begin to come to a solu­tion. I would like to bring to your atten­tion the vari­ous meth­ods of deal­ing with para­sites in the nat­ural world.

The first, and the one we most often adopt on our house­hold pets, is to exterm­in­ate the para­site. This has been tried in a num­ber of ways but, suc­cess­ful or not, always ends up the same way: rein­fec­tion. Treat your dog for fleas in Novem­ber and, should he run into another car­rier, you’ll be put­ting flea treat­ment on your Christ­mas list.

The second is the total exterm­in­a­tion of the para­site, but this is com­pletely imprac­tical for both fleas and people.

The third and most des­per­ate treat­ment is to kill the host. When a dog, or any other animal for that mat­ter, dies, it is pos­sible to see the fleas, ticks and other para­sites mak­ing a mass exodus from its corpse. They real­ise they can no longer draw on it for nutri­tion and so they must make their way to a new host. Para­sites are not stu­pid; tak­ing advant­age of some­body else’s situ­ation to bene­fit your­self is not stu­pid, it is selfish, thought­less and greedy, but there is an intel­li­gence there.

Given that we know all of the above, the course for our coun­try is clear; we must out­smart the para­site. To rid ourselves of the immig­ra­tion prob­lem, we must take meas­ures that stop the coun­try being so attract­ive. As their means of sur­vival dis­ap­pear, the para­sites leave, appro­pri­ately enough, like rats from a sink­ing ship.

Now, how to drive them out? The first issue we must address is that of free health care. If we are to allow any­body who enters the coun­try to take advant­age of free dia­gnosis, med­ic­a­tion and even sur­gery, then we can­not act sur­prised when people come across oceans to receive treat­ment that is not avail­able in their coun­try. Would you not go to the ends of the Earth to secure a life-saving treat­ment for you or a mem­ber of your fam­ily? Of course you would! Thus, we must arrange for doing so to be impossible.

Simply impos­ing man­dat­ory charges for health care ser­vices would not be enough, as that still encour­ages those who can afford it to come whilst mak­ing the poor steal for the money. Insti­tut­ing a time limit for res­id­ence in the coun­try is even worse, as that encour­ages people to head to the coun­try just in case they need treat­ment later on.

No, the answer is much easier than any of the above. It does not require any addi­tional checks, meas­ures or bal­ances and we will not need to pay any more to insti­tute it. End­ing all health care, pub­lic and private, will instantly remove a lot of the appeal of liv­ing here.

Secondly, wages must be addressed. The higher poten­tial for earn­ing in this coun­try is hugely attract­ive to many immig­rants. Being able to not only sup­port them­selves, but also send money back to their coun­try of ori­gin to allow fam­ily and friends to live a lav­ish life­style there, is undeni­ably appeal­ing. Again, were the situ­ation reversed you may well find your­self tak­ing advant­age of it.

Unfor­tu­nately, it is not pos­sible to end wages the same way you could end health care as it is not pos­sible to motiv­ate people to work for noth­ing, unless you cre­ate a sys­tem of slave-labour, which I refuse to advoc­ate as I shall not wish more sac­ri­fice on the people of our great nation than is strictly neces­sary to deal with the immig­ra­tion problem.

Instead, we must end jobs. Whether they are man­u­fac­tur­ing or service-sector jobs, they must go. Once the poten­tial for a live­li­hood has dis­ap­peared, we will have removed another of the bene­fits that mov­ing to our coun­try carries.

The final part of this solu­tion is to deal with the only pos­it­ive side left to those com­ing to our shores, which is the pos­sib­il­ity of shel­ter. There is cur­rently wide-spread dis­dain for the prac­tice of turn­ing over houses to those freshly arrived on our shores whilst we have such large home­less and rent­ing pop­u­la­tions of our own, but whilst the houses still stand, immig­rants to the coun­try will find a way to shel­ter within them, whether by money, viol­ence or simply find­ing those which have been aban­doned. Whilst build­ings still stand, our coun­try seems like Heaven on Earth for those who inhabit the world’s vari­ous shanty towns.

Once houses have been demol­ished, we can con­tinue using more and more prim­it­ive accom­mod­a­tion until we find a point at which liv­ing here is no longer appealing.

I sin­cerely believe that this is the only way for us to put an end to the immig­rant prob­lem once and for all. Today’s politi­cians put forth vari­ous ideas and enact cer­tain meas­ures, but none of them go far enough and so will only slow the cur­rent to our shores, not stop it. I admit that the pro­posed solu­tion will take a degree of sac­ri­fice from the peoples of our glor­i­ous land, but it is a sac­ri­fice I feel is worth pay­ing. We have made sac­ri­fices to defeat evils before and we will do so again.

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